ELEC825.ORG Sitemap


An overview of ELEC825, including who we are, what we stand for and what our mission is.


Information about ELEC 825, including information about who we are, how we got started and what we represent. Also a brief profile of Director Mark Longo.


This page details the range of activities ELEC is involved in and the scope of the projects we support.


This page details the numerous benefits ELEC provides to contractors, developers and business owners.


This page refers to the members of IUOE Local 825, who are represented by ELEC and whose skills, ongoing training and experience make us valuable to contractors and business owners.


Here you will find the latest information about ELEC activities.


A complete listing of how to contact ELEC and any of its member organizations. This page also contains a list of helpful links to related resources and sources of information.


This page provides an overview of the ELEC825 website and a summary of the information contained on each page.

ELEC is a collaborative trust comprised of representatives of IUOE Local 825 as well as the following trade organization:

The sitemap at left shows the pages contained in the elec825 website and what information may be found on each page. Watch for pages to be added as ELEC activities gain traction.