Local 825 crane operators are unsurpassed for their expertise

Building on Common Ground

ELEC is a labor-employer trust that brings Local 825 Operating Engineers together with participating employers to secure building projects, create jobs, maintain a credentialed work force and promote the benefits of union labor.

ELEC's role is to distinguish the benefits of union construction and promote its advantages, which translate into real value for contractors, building owners and developers.

We offer the highest level of training, experience, collaboration, job safety, productivity and efficiency. These advantages ensure that a project will be completed on time, on budget and without fear of overruns or re-work at a later date. We provide the highest quality work with the greatest efficiency, resulting in real savings for developers.

  • Trained -- Local 825 maintains training facilities in New York and New Jersey, allowing members to upgrade their skills on the latest equipment and technology. Members have access to training year-round on virtually every topic that heavy equipment operators need to stay on the cutting edge.
  • Experienced -- Our seasoned instructors provide everything from heavy equipment operator training, training in emergency response, hazardous waste operations and OSHA requirements to keep contractors supplied year-round with safe, skilled and efficient operators.
  • Credentialed -- We help members maintain costly professional licenses and security clearances, many of which have come about since 911. These include clearances such as TWIC, SWAC and the Delaware Valley Safety Card and other heavy equipment licenses and certifications.

These programs enable us to offer you our pledge:

No lead time. No down time. Ready to work Day One!


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ELEC News & Updates

  • ELEC gives you all the info you need to file your SWAC application. Read more

  • Nearly $28 billion will flow to major infrastructure projects over the next decade under a capital plan adopted by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The plan will fund improvements at airports, Hudson River crossings and the PATH system, estimated to generate 126,000 jobs and $29 billion in economic activity from this year through 2023.